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Dr. W.F. WashingtonDr. W. F. Washington, Sr., is one of the most respected and sought after gospel ministers among the Afro-American churches of Christ today. His clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ is unmatched in its plainness, persuasiveness, and power. His voice can be heard on local and worldwide radio, television, worldwide internet, and from pulpits all across America and the world. He is a renowned Conflict Resolution Consultant for churches who, from time to time, may experience church conflict.

Dr. Washington’s full time ministry began in 1960 in Marshall, Texas while on a full paid football scholarship at Bishop College, Dallas, Texas. He was the full time minister of the Westside Church of Christ in Marshall for 17 years. He has held only two local church works, Marshall, (17 years) and New Golden Heights, (36 years). During the first four years as full time minister at Westside, he graduated from Bishop College. As an undergrad, he was selected as “Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges (1960).Upon graduation from Bishop he was immediately hired by the President, Dr. M. K. Curry, as Asst. Dean of Men. During his tenure at the College he served the College in the following capacities: Director of Student Employment, Dean of Men, Dean of Student Personnel Services, (in charge of all non-academic activities of the College), Dean of Students, and part time professor.

Dr. Washington earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science from Bishop College with a minor in History and Western Civilization; thirty Masters Degree hours in Contemporary Corrections (Criminology) from Sam Houston State University; and a PhD in Behavioral Psychology, National Christian University (1973). Dr. Washington was the second person to be a recipient of the distinguished Doctorate of Humane Letters (L.H.D) from Mississippi Valley University, Itta Bena, Mississippi. (2002). He also received an honorary degree of Doctorate of Laws (LL.D) from Southwestern Christian College, Terrell, Texas (2010). He also holds the distinction of establishing nine new congregations throughout the Afro-American brotherhood of churches of Christ.

Dr. Washington’s classic Ph.D. Dissertation is entitled: “Do Lower Class Blacks Commit Suicide at a Higher Rate than Whites in a Homicidal Mode through Victim Precipitation Due to the Socialization Process and Role Engulfment?” His dissertation was an elongation of the work of the world renowned criminologist Marvin E. Wolfgang of the University of Pittsburg. Dr. Washington’s interest in criminology and correction can be seen in the life work of his children: Willie Jr., Deputy Sheriff, Broward Ct Fl, Marquite, Deputy Prosecutor, Dallas Ct Texas, Soncyarai, DNA Annalist, Fulton Ct Ga. His wife Deloris has 30 Master hours in Contemporary Correction from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas.

In addition to his employment at Westside church of Christ, Marshall, Texas, and Bishop College, Dallas, Texas he has enjoyed the following employment endeavors:

High school teacher, North Dade High School, Opa Locka, FL

High school Asst. Track Coach, North Dade High School

High school teacher, Pemberton High School, Marshall, Texas

High School Asst. Principal, Pemberton High school

Today, Dr. Washington is the full time minister of the New Golden Heights Church of Christ where he has labored and preached for 36 years. When Dr. Washington arrived in Ft. Lauderdale in 1974, he found a struggling yet dedicated 125 members. With their help and prayers and the Mercy Grace and Favor of God, he and his beautiful wife led them from a small back street 15th Court church house to a 1.5 million dollar new Cathedral on 10 acres located on the six lanes M .L. King Blvd. in Lauderdale Lakes, FL. Under their leadership the “Heights” is considered one of the largest and fastest growing African-American churches in Broward County, Florida. Dr Washington is a respected leader among ministers of faith, city, county, state and national elected officials. More than once the “Heights” has been selected as the “church of the month” by local radio stations. In 1989 the “Heights” was honored by the State Legislature of Florida as the most “community involved” church in Broward County. (The Golden Heights church feeds between 2000-3000 families each Thanksgiving) In the same year Dr. Washington was selected as a “Great Personality of the South”. Dr. Washington claims two memorable events in his secular life, other than his marriage to Deloris and the birth of his children: his invitation and attendance as a V.I.P. at the first inauguration of President Bill Clinton in Washington, D.C., and his meeting with Nelson Mandela.

His radio and television outreach ministries began in 1974 when he began teaching every Sunday morning on WRBD. He now can be heard on several daily radio programs and network television (ABC) weekly.

Dr. Washington’s steadfast commitment to evangelism and cultural empowerment is demonstrated in the organizations he has founded and mentored. He founded the Golden Heights Multi-Crisis Center in 1991 and founded the Golden Heights Christian Academy in 1992. He is a prolific writer and author of several books and publications. His most recent are: Journey to Canaan, (how to deal with the crooks and bends on the road of life, 2003, a best seller). This award winning book was selected by the Broward County Library Association to be placed on the shelves of all public libraries in Broward County, FL. Church Growth, Church Health and Church Administration, (2006). Earlier publications include: Is God Black, (a critique of Black Israelism). When You Have Lost a Love One, The Church On a Collision Course, and A Powerless Church In a Crazy World, Abortion, Right or Wrong? The Christian and Stress, The Christian and Depression.

Born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia, the great great son of a slave. At a very young age he traveled, lodged with, and mentored by some of God’s greatest Gospel preachers: Ulysses Shields, John Henry Clay (his father in the gospel), Marshall Keeble, (President of the Nashville Christian Institute) William Whitaker, James L. Cotheron, V. E. Williamson, Willie Ray, and David Shanks. Other special mentors include R.N. Hogan, Luke Miller, S. T. W. Gibbs, Jr., Paul Settles, Alonzo Rose, J. S. Winston and John O. Williams.

Dr. Washington is married to Deloris Dixon of Hallsville, Texas. They have four children: Willie, Jr., Antonio, (deceased) Marquite’, and Soncyarai; four grandchildren; Arielle, Gabrielle, Nevaeh and Nehemiah; one daughter-in law, Niermala; and two son’s in-law, Orpheus and Daryl.

Dr. Washington’s stated purpose in life is, “to glorify God and His son Jesus Christ in the fulfillment of His mission on earth. To continue steadfastly in the Apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and in prayer. Confidently awaiting the glorious appearing of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ” (WFW)

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

American Criminal Justice Society

Life Member, NAACP

Chairman, Golden Heights Community Service Organization

Great Personalities of the South

Who’s Who in Black America?

American Personnel Association

Psychology Today

American Association of Christian School

National M. L. King, Jr., Memorial Committee

Bishop College National Alumni Association

U.S. President Clergy Committee